Games — VR System Rentals

If you would prefer to step into the future, our VR systems are the perfect option for you!

When you rent our virtual reality systems you actually get access to two systems at a time allowing you to play with your friends either cooperatively or head to head. Each VR system will be loaded with the same group of games.

When you arrive, we’ll get you checked in and go through your safety briefing then take you to your assigned bay. Our VR systems allow for moving around as though you were in your living room. This gives you the chance to interact with the VR world more than just sitting and using a controller.

Feel free to try any of the games we have installed on our systems. We can make recommendations though based on your group size and comfort levels.

Who Can Play?

Anyone 12+. This is an activity that’s fun for everyone.


We rent out our VR attractions in one hour blocks at $30 per hour. Bring your friends!

Price per hour Number of Participants
$30 Up to 16

For the VR systems, we don’t recommend groups above 8 players. It’s keeps the play time too short and we strongly encourage you to book at least two hours to make sure everyone has a chance to really get immersed in the experience.