Games — Axes

Never thrown an axe before? No problem. We’ll show you how and you’ll be hitting the bullseye in no time!

When you come to PE to throw axes you’re in for a treat! Our experienced staff will provide instruction and ongoing support to make sure you master the skill before going home. This is definitely a social activity though so make sure to bring your friends!

When you arrive, we’ll get you checked in and go through your safety briefing. Then you get to chose your axes! For beginners the selection is limited to our estwing hatchets and tomahawks, but if you’re a return player you can chose from any of our axes.

After you’ve got the basics we’ll show you how to play different games, with axe throwing at the heart, that will have you all cheering, groaning, and embracing your inner axe thrower!

Who Can Play?

Anyone 12+. This is an activity that’s fun for date nights, family night, family reunions, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, corporate events, and youth groups!


We rent out our attractions by the hour. The more people you bring the cheaper it is per person. For axe throwing, see the table below for the price / person / 50 minute time slot.

Price per Person, per 50 min. Number of Participants per Bay
$15 2
$12 3-4
$9 5-8
$7 9-12
$6 13-16

For groups of more than 16, you’ll have to book multiple bays.

We strongly encourage you to book at least two hours as you’ll be getting the hang of things for the first 30-45 minutes and won’t have much time to enjoy the various games.